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First Steps 

Different processes are carried out at the Manabí packing house. The fruit selected in the field arrives at the packinghouse to undergo the cleaning process.


The first step is to immerse the fruit in an organic disinfectant to eliminate any insects and bacteria.

after that...


One by one, each fruit is blown with pressurized air to eliminate the most visible impurities. 

We proceed with the manual cleaning of each fruit with a cloth, inspecting that all the leaves are in perfect condition and that the fruit is completely clean.

it's time to pack!


In the weighing and packing area they are in charge of weighing the 4.5 kg that our boxes weigh and arrange the fruit in a suitable way so that it is not damaged by stacking one box on top of another.



In the palletizing area, the boxes are stacked on a pallet previously sanitized and disinfected with autoclave waiting to be taken to any place in the world.

Packaging process


The mission of Hacienda Laia Margarita and Empacadora Manabí is to be able to send our fruit worldwide

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